Excavator Smart Cabin
CATIA Design | Industrial Equipment demonstrator
bleu iX interior
CATIA Design | Transport & Mobility demonstrator
CATIA Design | 3D Shape Designer web role demonstrator
CATIA Natural Sketch VR
3D Sketching in Virtual Reality Application
Gingko Sneakers
CATIA Design | Home & Lifestyle demonstrator
Cassiopeia Camera
CATIA Design | High-Tech demonstrator
"The Peerless Spirit" Decanter
Macallan x Lalique
"Epicure" Decanter
vodka Beluga x Lalique
Patrón En Lalique Serie 1 Decanter
Patrón x Lalique
Patrón En Lalique Serie 2 Decanter
Patrón x Lalique
zbrush work
Lalique / objets décoratifs
lalique collection
Lalique - château Lafaurie Peyraguey
Lafaurie Peyraguey
moulin à poivre Lalique x Peugeot-saveurs
moulin à poivre Lalique x Peugeot saveurs
Steinway & Sons - Designed by Lalique
Steinway & Sons - Designed by Lalique
3D Printed Jewelry /Inspired by Nature
3D Printed Jewerly project
TOURNESOL - solar fan sunflower
Tournesol is a solar fan concept inspired by the shape of sunflower. As the sunflower, which is turning to face the sun, this fan works with solar energy thanks to solar sensors. I also imagined this concept in a will of create eco friendly products : 100% made with aluminium, this fan is easily recycable.
LUNGS - dehumidifier concept
LUNGS is a dehumidifier concept which uses the water created by condensation to aliment some plants and flowers.
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